Jb5 brake code

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The 10 bolt stock axel has two shoe sizes. If you can't find the RPO code, remove one of the drums and measure shoe width. Measure the width. They are either 1" or 1. The 1. Most half ton trucks had 1" rotors. If you try to install these larger rotors on a JD1 or JD3 system, the caliper will not go over the rotor because of the rotor thickness and how the caliper mounts to the spindle.

I tried to just upgrade the front hardware and master cylinder thinking it would work but it made the system unbalanced. I had to also upgrade to the wider rear drums to make the system work correctly.

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Do not mix and match parts it will cause problems. The difference between the JB and JD brake systems codes is the type of brake booster either vacuum or hydro boost. I think most of the trucks use the vacuum booster. Here is a picture of the vacuum booster.For an improved shopping experience, we recommend that you use the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

We built an authoritative 4-piston caliper and expanded the PiggyBack reservoir, giving Code fistfuls of power. Then, we added a range of contact adjustments and pads, allowing you to determine how and when you dispense of that power. Tune them just right. Shop Code. Code dominates the World Cup — and every downhill trail worth its salt.

In the gravity world, this is the pinnacle of performance, power and control. From e-MTB to Enduro and every downhill in-between, Code is the standard for nuanced modulation and confident stopping power. Aluminum brake levers built specifically from the feedback of test riders and athletes around the world. Time tested. Podium proven. Sealed bearings at the lever pivot offer crisp, clean lever actuation while reducing finger fatigue over the duration of the ride. An oversized, authoritative four-piston caliper with power to spare, built to handle steep trails and aggressive braking.

With an out front, tool-free reach adjust, personalization is simple. Code R hits the mark of pragmatic and refined. All SRAM brakes are engineered for easy installation and maintenance — for both rider and mechanic. Shop all Code. Code RSC. Code R. Follow us on.Log In or Create Account Optional.

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Add to Cart. Vacuum Booster, Rod Code C Rod Code C30; Vacuum Booster. Hydroboost, Gold Accumulator, Rod Code Gold Accumulator; Hydroboost; Rod Code Standard Replacement. Please create a password for your account. Please set a password for your account.

Brakes on '85 Chevy 1/2-ton

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What Is the Difference Between JB6 & JB7 Master Cylinders?

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jb5 brake code

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jb5 brake code

Help, please! The previous owner put shoes and drums of both sizes on the rear, and apparently mis-matched them as well. All I can give you to go on is the following - the VIN character for the brakes is E", indicating lb. GVWR brakes. The sticker inside the glove compartment COPO sticker?

There is also in the glove compartment a camper loading information sticker, which has become illegibile over the years. The rear axle appears to be a bolt, with a 2. Since the characters on the sticker more closely match the JB5 designation, I want to believe I've got the bigger brakes. I just would like someone to confirm for me before I shell out for parts; I'd rather make as few trips as possible! Any and all input would be geatly appreciated!

Thanks - Chris.Register or Log In To remove these advertisements. I am putting a crossmember out of a 84 c that had a 6.

Look here. Click the correct suffix and you should find what you are after. I have the same problem. How do you figure out which booster to use? I am putting a cross member from a C10 into my Any thoughts about JB3 vs JB5? JB3 has a single diaphragm booster JB5 has a dual diaphragm booster and slightly larger wider or larger dia brake shoes.

It'll be easier to answer your questions. And please let us know if and how your repairs were successful. Originally Posted by RyansToy. Originally Posted by aggie Now my son's but will be mine again soon!

Worked part-time over the years for an engine builder and a classic car repair shop. Member here for 20 years! I had a mix of JB3 and JB5 parts on my truck for some time. It all fit fine. I also had the large 13" brake drums on the back. Then a year later I updated to the JB5 calipers and larger pads and new JB5 rotors as the rotors that came with the axles were warped and shook when stopping. I did keep the old JB3 Master Cylinder and it seems to work fine, not sure why the JB5 one is needed there, maybe someone can chime in on that.

jb5 brake code

I know the booster is larger and the MC is a little bigger too.Registration and Posting Agreement. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Registration and Posting Agreement. Author Topic: Which Brake System? Read times. I'm rebuilding a K Camper special. I'm wanting to get rid of the Hydroboost and convert to a Vacuum booster and I need to know which parts to buy. And no, I don't have the code sticker in the glove box.

Quote from: frogman68 on June 30,AM.

jb5 brake code

So, anybody have an opinion on changing a hydroboost to a vacuum boost? Just go with the heavy duty brake system. Chris Lucas chevytrucks captkaoscustoms squarebody.

Quote from: Captkaos on June 30,PM. Better is a vague term. I just wouldn't remove it just to have Vacuum. I looked on my build sheet for my '78 C It has the H.

Power Brakes. Thanks Chevyrado! You've saved me alot of hair pulling at Autozone! I guess that I need to know which system to buy parts for if I want to change over to a heavy duty vacuum type brake booster. Is hydroboost that much better than vacuum?


I'm going to have to replace the master cylinder anyway and was wanting to get rid of some of the lines. I'll also have to buy another power steering pump if I keep the hydroboost. Would this be JB5? My truck has the gvw brake system.Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile.

Execution time: 0. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is AM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. And how do i know which i have? Front disc brakes? Rear drums? Fromt disc and rear drum.

I have heard it is based on the GVW of the vehicle. I am replacing the brake calipers and thats where the question came.

The only difference i am aware of in the calipers from the 70's trucks is the size of the banjo bolt. I am sure there are some internal differences like the size of the piston or something like that. And it depends if i have a jb6 or jb7 brake system. Measure the width.

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